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solebox hub aims to showcase the creativity of the people in and around the international streetwear community, bridging the gap between creators and consumers.

The platform is intertwined with the solebox studio in Berlin, our freely available community space that creatives can book to realize their projects. The hub will also serve as your information gateway to keep up with the industry, cultural and creative highlights, and events for the streetwear community, such as panel talks and educational workshops.

Streetwear has always taken inspiration from voices and artists outside of the corporate structure.

As one of Europe’s longest-standing streetwear institutions, solebox has made it a point of emphasis to showcase these voices and their unique expression. The hub is meant to facilitate connections between creatives, offering a space to interact with each other, and showcase their projects.

As humans, we rely on the world around us and the people within it to define who we are, drawing inspiration and input from them to find our own voice and expression.

There is a communal aspect to all forms of art, design and creative media—enriching and empowering us to inspire others in turn.

solebox hub is for the community. Take a look around, make it yours, create, and share. If you have ideas and need a space, book our Studio.




Nürnberger Str. 16

10789 Berlin

0049 176 8976542